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Played paintball for the first time

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  • Played paintball for the first time

    It was really a bit of fun! I want to do it again. I'll obviously want to rent gear for the next few times, But I need to get my own. I have a question:
    What type of gun should a new player get? I'd first like something charming and beautiful, with nice grips and room for upgrades.

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    sorry for the late reply, but I think renting is a great idea at first. the one thing you will hear from a lot us players is that invest in a good mask. As far as the marker it all depends on your style of play and what you want to play. you can go with spyders or tipmans, both solid entry level markers that wont break the bank and can be tuned very easily. from there you can talk to people in the fields and ask their opinion in regards your play style.