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Back in paintball, ready to get picked up!

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  • Back in paintball, ready to get picked up!

    Been out of paintball for 4 years due to $$ tied up into getting my degree. 4 years experience. Looking for a team that plays at FAP at least 2 weekends a month and needs a player to finish this D4/D5 season with them. Not even sure if teams still use pbaz or just pbnation but ill be at FAP this weekend.

    Age: 23
    Position: use to play D side mid but will play any
    Appa#: 142289-3309
    Address: Glendale, AZ

    Marker:ego 9
    Loader: rotor

    Im assuming just being at the field word of mouth is the best way to get picked up these days but figured this couldn't hurt! PM if you'd like more details.

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    Psychotic Paintball

    Psychotic Paintball is current looking for talented dedicated and talented players who ready to WIN!

    Our goal is to advance divisional ranks rapidly. Tournament experience is a major plus, but we do have different levels within our program to help to learn if you have worthy talent. We want long term players who are in it to win it.

    If you play paintball when it is convenient for you and blow it off when your buddy has a party, we do not want you.

    1.We would like you to be over 18 but all players are welcome.
    2.You need to be able to afford paintball. Assume a monthly minimum expense of $150 a month.
    3.You need to be able to show up to practice. We do not want players who have more excuses than practice appearances.
    4. You need to be a team player. Teams win in paintball, not individual players.
    5. You need to want to have the mentality of always trying to improve and better yourself and your teammates.
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