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Coming back to paintball need some help.

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  • Coming back to paintball need some help.

    Howdy all, I've been out of paintball for about 10 years and after a weekend bachelor party at a local field I decided I missed playing and want back in. I kept some of my old gear, a couple ions, a couple electric hoppers and other stuff but most importantly I have a WDP Angel 1 that I'd like to play with but first get serviced. My gear is a bit old and both companies are long gone, apparently some stuff has happened to paintball over the years. Does anyone know a place in the greater Phoenix area skilled enough to do a disassembly/service on my angel? Even an airsmith with a good reputation working out of his house would be good. I just don't want to hand it to some kid behind a counter and have it broken beyond repair of available parts. I'm eager to play again and would like the feel of my old gear so I'm not really interested in buying new, recapture some lost youth I guess. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    you might want to ask in the PBAZ facebook page, you might get more insights to your question, rather than posting here.