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SexyDan Is almost back!!!!!!

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  • SexyDan Is almost back!!!!!!

    I know lots don't know know me but I allowed to start running and playing paintball I was in a bad wreck

    So next month I'm allowed to start running and playing paintball!!!! Have also made the decision to leave the current paintball team I'm on so I can get ready to get back into paintball and start my own team. Not necessarily my own team it'll be a family team it should be me Jeremy Hogan, NickVigliotte and Anthony Vigliotte! I wish my oldest nephew Jesse Reed would get in on this with us but paintball is not his thing. I cannot speak for those people that they are going to be... leaving the boobs paintball team but I'm pretty sure we will be. So the whole point of this is eventually I'll be back in paintball anybody that's enjoying being the champion of TPL enjoy it while you can enjoy your running up position enjoy!! Because the Reed and Hogan Clan is going to come back to paintball and wreck TPL. give us a year to get used to playing each other a year to train. Renegade mines I'm coming for you any team I forgot the name of we are coming for you. The magfed ( TPL) only I didn't care to take the time to remember your name, I play with a hopper I over shoot you if I need to. Be quick to put your hand up if SexyDan is on the field. also to the magfed team that I don't care to remember your name the next time you playing with my nephew on an open field don't cry when he overshoots you it's paintball if you can't handle getting shot more than one time I'm not really sure what to do, it happens go over to airsoft or something I'm currently putting together my A-5 I'm going to go ahead put a picture of it up so everybody knows what they're going to be getting shot with here's pictures of the beginning process of it I have all new internals for it. Amy Hogan Nikki Reed Haley Holzhausen Reed Haleigh Taylor

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    Glad you recovered after the wreck. Hope you have fun playing again!
    n i g h t c r e w


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      Wish you a speedy recovery. Broke my leg a few years back and it does take time for injuries to heal. Don't over do it all at once and you will be back to full speed in no time.


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        Thanks I am really looking forward to playing again. Its going to be rough but no I have a chance to correct old habits. I cant wait to see wait type of player I will be this time around.


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          10 dayzz till I can run and Ill be at fighter town in 16 days!!!!!!!