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  • Veteran's Day Paintball

    FT. Huachuca Veteran's Day Tactical Rec-Ball Paintball

    Come join and show your support this Veteran's day for a day of tactical rec-ball at Fort Huachuca's Sportsman Center.

    This will be the first of some upcoming events for the field. The field soon will be completely overhauling the field to be better.

    Bring your own equipment or rent out of the Sportman's center. They have a stocks of Tippmann 98's and gear. The full rental package includes paintball gun, mask, field fee, all day air and 100 rounds of paint for $25.

    In addition, CO2 or nitrogen tank refills are available and charged by the ounce.

    The Sportsman center is planning on running a Veteran's day Special.
    Active Duty and Veteran's get free field fee that day.

    Reminder: To get on the Post, you need to have a vaild driver licence, insurance, and current registration if you are not miltary or contractor with decal.

    If you got ideas for events or ideas for this event, please send them along with how many people will be coming.
    Hey Everyone,

    Lets get something going Veterans day at the Sportman's Center. I am working with them to get something going. They are also thinking of doing a Veteran's Day Special.

    I am already getting people intrested. Espcially some of the units on post. Lets have a Huge Rec Event.

    When: Wednesday Nov. 11, 2009
    Time: 9 am
    Where: Fort Huachuca Sportsman Center.

    Everyone, please respond with ideas for type of senerios we can run. Its one week away.
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