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Please read - Ploicy change

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  • Please read - Ploicy change

    As of now each player will buy their DATE stamped wrist bands and we will put them on for you. If you are buying more than 1 wrist band, then the person or people you are buying for will must be with you.

    If you step on the field at Fort Adobe Paintball Complex and play 1 game without a wrist band, you will receive a LIFETIME ban from playing at Fort Adobe Paintball Complex. YES, I did say LIFETIME!

    Why so harsh?

    Let me put it this way... If you walk into a store and take a candy bar without paying your stealing. You are now branded as a thief, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. All of this for a candy bar. This is stealing.

    The same applies to paintball, you are stealing if you walk on to the field and play.

    I will go as far to say "WE" (and I am speaking for all of them) the paintball field owners work very hard to make sure you have a place to play paintball. It is not easy and there are more bills to pay than you, the paintball player understand. WE are not making "BANK" off of you the paintball player.

    So, you steal form a store you go to jail. You steal form me you receive a lifetime ban.


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      That means I have to start paying now? =( ...........Just kidding.


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        Support your local fields!


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          even thou ive never been to FAP im totally for this! its not fair to screw the guys that make it fun to play, if you dont wanna pay to have nice bunkers and turf to play on then go out to the desert with the cactus and scorpions!


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            Sounds good


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              Im all for that rule........ All fields should endorse this policy!!!!!