#1. Only post if you are selling/trading your gear, or you are interested in buying a specific item. Flaming, and rudeness will not be tolerated. You don't have to agree with someones price/etc, but it's their option. If you feel someone is posting way above the "norm" or MSRP then you can PM a staff member, and we will advise the thread.

#2. Only ONE thread up per day. If you have further information about your thread edit the original post, and if you wish to bump your thread with the new info that's fine, but that's your ONE per day! Having friends come in and say "bump!" or things to that nature will count as your one.

#3. All merchandise must have a set price. The price must also be realistic. No posting "what can I get" or "since I have to put a price... 1 billion dollars!" type things.

#4. We have a new forum for Trades! If you are wanting to TRADE ONLY then post in the appropriate forum. Said forum is Located Here. This goes with #3.

#5. You MUST have the merchandise you are offering IN HAND before posting. You cannot post about something you will be getting, or may get. It must be in your possession prior to offering it for sale/trade.

#6. DO NOT bump threads more than 30 days without a response from the OP (original poster). PM them instead as chances are 30 days with no response from them the item is gone.

#7. Absolutely no "real weapon" sales. This includes, but is not limited to, guns, knives and swords. This is not the place to sell your real weapon. Please note, that this doesn't apply to accessories like scopes, laser sights, etc, that are commonly used as Airsoft and Milsim accessories.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in:
- Removal of your thread
- A temporary ban
- A permanent ban if you are flagrantly violating the rules and/or spamming.

If you have questions please contact your PBAZ Staff.
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All or nothing gearbag sale

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  • All or nothing gearbag sale

    Hey Guys!
    Unfortunately, i am selling all of my paintball gear. Seeing as how i am in college and don't have the time or money to put into the sport anymore i decided it was time to sell all of my gear. All of this gear is in fact used but is in almost perfect condition. Keep in mind that this is the whole bag or nothing, i am trying to sell everything in one piece so that i can pay for some expenses coming up soon.

    Whats for sale:

    - Ninja air tank (68/4500) with case and grip
    *There are small cracks in the pressure gauge -- See pictures*

    - Empire EVS paintball mask

    - Empire Mini GS
    *There are small cracks in the pressure gauge -- See pictures*

    - Virtue VIO mask

    - Virtue Spire 260

    - Empire Super freak barrel kit

    Also included for FREE:

    - 3 Paintball pods

    - A paintball carrying belt

    - My Planet Eclipse GX bag

    - A paintball container/loader

    *************************PICTURE LINK HERE:

    ***** This is basically a $800 value, since everything is used the asking price is $500. You are more than welcome to test everything out to make sure that it is working. Cash is preferred, but Chase quickpay, or paypal is acceptable. Again, this is an all or nothing deal. Contact me at 779-279-8749.